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From 1842 to 1997 Hong Kong was a British colony. After negotiations between China and Britain over Hong Kong the whole of Hong Kong was returned to China. China, however, agreed that the capitalist economic system and the basic way of life in Hong Kong was to remain basically unchanged for at least 50. Hong Kong is under mainland Chinese sovereignty, but it is a Special Administrative Region with its own currency, its own postal system, its own immigration laws (and a border between it and the rest of China).


Religious Situation

The combination of the freedom of religion and other related freedoms enjoyed in Hong Kong with the multitude of peoples in Hong Kong from many other countries makes it an ideal place for Christian outreach, not only to Hong Kong people themselves, but to people from other countries throughout the region and throughout the world.


Helpful Links

South China Morning Post — Hong Kong’s leading English language newspaper, online version. This used to be free, but now a paid subscription (costing US$51.50/year) is required to see most of the content.

Hong Kong's other English language newspaper — The Standard (mainly business-oriented).

Pray for Hong Kong” page maintained by friends of ours who work for the Christian Literature Crusade here in Hong Kong. (Some of the material here may be dated.)

The Hong Kong Tourist Board — gives all kinds of maps and other information about Hong Kong.

See Hong Kong through a skycam.

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