Our Mission

Discipling the peoples of the world
from a base in Hong Kong, China

Ministry Focus

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The focus of the Rees Mission in recent years has been to bring the gospel to “Filipinas” working in Hong Kong. This work continues to be essential, since there are now more than 100,000 people from the Philippines working in Hong Kong. Most are women, working as “domestic helpers.” Ben is currently the only elder and preacher in the church. There have been very few male church members over the years, because few Filipino men are able to find jobs in Hong Kong.

Many work in very difficult situations and bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and his love is a great encouragement to these people.

Most have no family close at hand, their families are in the Philippines, thus creating a Christian community for them is a major outreach for Ben and Karen.

In addition most come to Hong Kong on a temporary basis to make a living and eventually return to the Philippines or go to other countries. So the ministry is carrying out the commission of our Lord, to spread the Gospel to all parts of the world.

Ben is also the main teacher and coordinator of Bible teaching in the church. Karen does a lot of the counseling since most of members are women. She is also kept very busy helping members with a wide range of employment problems.


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