Mission in Detail

Discipling the peoples of the world
from a base in Hong Kong, China

On the Move

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For most of the first 10 years of its existence, this church met in the home of the founding missionaries, Ben and Karen Rees. Eventually, after the church had more than outgrown the Rees home, the church met in the Hong Kong Mennonite Centre. Since March 1992, it has been meeting in a room on the 6th floor of the YMCA in Tsimshatsui.

Multicultural Church

Originally, the church was known simply as the “Church of Christ (Filipino congregation).” When it moved to the YMCA the name was changed to “New Testament Church of Christ,” in recognition:

  1. that it is not the only church in Hong Kong, or the only Church of Christ in Hong Kong, or even the only Church of Christ in Hong Kong that is reaching Filipinos.
  2. that all nationalities are welcome. We felt the latter was especially important in view of the fact that the Tsimshatsui district, where the YMCA is located, is one of the most culturally diverse parts of Hong Kong and is also an area that attracts many overseas visitors. Although the main constituency of the church continues to be people from the Philippines, over the years we have had visitors from many different nations. People who have come often enough to be considered a part of the church, at least temporarily, have included people from the USA, India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Nigeria, Myanmar (Burma), Ireland, Taiwan, and a few local Hong Kong Chinese.
Our Leadership
Ben Rees, serves as elder and the main preacher for the church.
Because most of the members of the church are women, at times he has been the only male leader in the church — and sometimes the only man in the church at all. Other men have served as elders or deacons but have moved to other parts of the world and are leaders in the churches they are part of. Others are currently back in the Philippines.
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