Discipling the peoples of the world
from a base in Hong Kong, China

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June 2013 - Prayer Letter


* Calling our trip an “Odyssey” may seem a little pretentious, considering that our whole trip will last just over three months ......

News from Home – Good and Bad

* The news from the church is fairly good, praise God! The news about our apartment is not so good ...

Recent Events in the Church

"They say “one picture is worth a thousand words....”


Read all the details ....

Archive of Newsletters*


January 2013 - “For Unto Us A Child Is Born ........ "

March 2012 - "Hoghlights of the passed Five Months ......"

September 2011 - "Church Celebrates 30 Years ..... "

June 2011 - "Joplin Tornado, Megan visits Hong Kong....."




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