The People

Discipling the peoples of the world
from a base in Hong Kong, China

Crossroads of the World

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Hong Kong has been referred to as the “Crossroads of Asia.” However it is very much a meeting place of the world.

The mission does focus on the expatriate “Fillipinas” the church recognizes it is located in a very diverse part of Hong Kong. The fact that the Tsimshatsui district, where the YMCA is located, is one of the most culturally diverse parts of Hong Kong and is also an area that attracts many overseas visitors. Although the main constituency of the church continues to be people from the Philippines, over the years we have had visitors from many different nations. People who have come often enough to be considered a part of the church, at least temporarily, have included people from the USA., India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Nigeria, Myanmar (Burma), Ireland, Taiwan, and a few local Hong Kong Chinese.

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